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What is a 5-star survey and how does it work?

Using stars as a rating dates all the way back to 1844 when they were first used to rate restaurants. They were later popularized by Michelin Guides in 1931 as a three-star system. The 5-star rating system, as we know it today, allows respondents to rank their experience with a business, service, product, event (or anything at all, really) on a scale from 1 to 5. The more stars are selected, the more positive the experience. Conversely, the fewer stars are selected, the less positive the experience.

When star ratings are accompanied by qualitative reviews, they tend to encourage more meaningful considerations and engagement. FeedbackLabs allows you to ask contextual follow-up questions after the initial 5-star survey to gain crucial insight on your customer's response and show your stakeholders that you’re listening. In fact, you can fully customize your survey, as well as tailor follow-up questions based on the initial 5-star survey response.

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How 5-star surveys help companies like yours

The 5-star rating system can not only help make people feel more confident about their purchasing decisions, but it can also guide those decisions.

Whether it’s ordering from a restaurant, buying a new pair of pants from an ecommerce store, scheduling an appointment with a new dentist, or purchasing any other goods and services, consumers rely on this well-known system to weed out “bad” options and find the “best” ones. Without the stars, offerings on large online platforms would be a lot more overwhelming.

Your marketing team can also feature compelling customer comments from 5-star surveys on your website and social media, or use them in email marketing to boost conversions rates and improve your bottom line.

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5-Star Surveys: A How-to Guide

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