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What is general feedback and how does it work?

A simple “tell us what you think” can sometimes be so much more effective in finding out what matters to your respondents the most than bombarding them with long surveys and multiple-choice questions that are not relevant to their personal experience.

General or open-ended feedback allows you to get more authentic responses from your customers, employees, and other stakeholders so that you can learn what they think about your business, event, products, services, and any other relevant topics.

This particular format tends to yield rich insights that your company can use to improve those areas of business that require it most — whether it’s customer support, product, marketing, HR, or even high-level strategy. Unlike closed-ended questions, where all the possible answers are already listed, open-ended questions allow you to receive unexpected feedback that you may otherwise not be able to predict or think to ask.

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How general feedback helps companies like yours

While open-ended responses tend to involve a fair dose of subjective opinions and personal feelings, this qualitative data will allow you to establish a communication channel with your stakeholders and give them a venue to voice their opinions — whether they’re positive or negative.

The main advantage of open-ended questions is that they appear less threatening to respondents, so they are more likely to give uncensored, honest responses. Conversely, this will help you understand how your respondents think, identify their priorities, and gather other valuable nuggets of information that — when used in a proactive, systematic way — can impact your business positively.

FeedbackLabs allows you to effortlessly gather and use qualitative data in the form of open-ended answers in a meaningful, scalable way. You can see all of your incoming feedback in a single, central dashboard and filter it by keywords. You can also assign each piece of customer input to specific team members so they can respond to it without delay.

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