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What is Customer Effort Score and how does it work?

To improve customer loyalty, start with your Customer Effort Score (CES). As a touchpoint metric, it helps you gauge how much effort your customers have to put into getting an issue resolved, request fulfilled, question answered, or product purchased or returned. By asking the customer to rate how easy or difficult it was to do something on a scale of 1–7, the survey gives you a quantifiable measure of effort and a reliable indicator of loyalty.

CES surveys are transactional — instead of measuring the overall customer experience, companies use them after a customer’s finished having an interaction with them. The idea behind the CES methodology is that customers are more loyal to a brand that’s easy to interact with, and it can be up to 40% more accurate as an indicator of customer loyalty than customer delight or satisfaction.

Unlike effortless or low-effort interactions, interactions that are difficult or high-effort add varying degrees of friction for customers. For example, having to fill in their information more than once, switch channels to get their issue resolved, go through too many steps to complete a task, interact with multiple customer service agents, or struggle to find useful timely information.

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How Customer Effort Score helps teams like yours

When customers have an issue and need to resolve it, they are four times more likely to become disloyal. On the other side, the more loyal a customer is, the more likely they are to stay, spend more, and give you referrals. Reducing customer effort is critical to achieving this.

The opportunity lies in optimizing each touchpoint to ensure you do not create disloyal customers who speak ill of your brand at any stage of the customer journey. Not only does delivering an effortless or low-effort experience to your customers drive customer loyalty and growth, but it also helps you cut attrition rates while lowering customer care costs and freeing up resources.

FeedbackLabs’ CES surveys are quick and intuitive for your customers to respond to while uncovering the points of friction that they encounter at specific touchpoints. They are simple to implement across multiple channels and can be scheduled at specific intervals. And in tandem with general surveys, they give you actionable insights you need to deliver an effortless experience every time.

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