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FeedbackLabs makes it easy to collect, analyze, and take action on feedback from the people who matter to your business.

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Organize feedbacks with

Get a bird’s-eye view of all your feedback

Keep track of all of your cross-departmental projects and collaborate with your team from a single dashboard. Use channel grouping to organize channels by project type or department. Simply navigate to your dashboard sidebar, select ‘+ New Group’, and drag relevant channels into it.

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Ask the right people the right questions

Add unlimited channels and contacts, and target them with segment and cross-segment tagging. To import contacts, simply drag-and-drop a CSV file. Then assign tags and edit individual contacts in just a few clicks. You have full control.

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Gather one-time or continuous input

Unlike traditional survey tools, feedback channels are designed for gathering insights over longer periods of time. Use the Scheduler to send periodic invitations to stakeholders and get feedback on an ongoing basis. Or create a channel for a non-recurring project and get valuable input, quickly.

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Learn what matters the most

Keep tabs on topics you or your stakeholders care most about with Keyword Monitoring. Understand the attributes of your business and products that your customers bring up most often, as well as their sentiment towards key topics.

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Collaborate with
your team

Share the right insights with the right people

Add unlimited users from your team and help them affect change in your business by routing valuable feedback about critical functions of the organization to them. You have full control over channel visibility — make a channel accessible to your entire team or only specific team members.

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Image: Assign
Image: Performance Chart

Measure your performance over time

Monitor, share, and evaluate all incoming feedback using Trends and Metrics. Track changes over time to recognize trends in consumer preferences and business performance. Keep tabs on your performance in real-time and spot opportunities to improve.

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Listen and act on feedback in real-time

Set triggers and get notified every time you receive new feedback with Alerts. Got a new Detractor? Assign the right team members to handle negative feedback before it affects you negatively. Got a new Promoter? Incentivize them to recommend your product or service to their friends.

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Image: Send Email Alerts
Image: Export as CSV

Let the insights roll in

Get a quick overview of what’s going on in your feedback channel each month, week, or day by scheduling automatic email summaries. Or export feedback from a channel to a CSV file, and start making smarter, user-centric decisions.

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Connect your
favorite apps

Connect FeedbackLabs with the business-critical apps you already know and love using like Zapier. Whether it’s automating customer surveys, following up with your support team, or sharing feedback across your organization, our integrations and API help you get the most out of your feedback.

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Your security is
our top priority

With encryption, SSO, SSAE-16 SOC II compliant data centers — and our commitment to GDPR compliance — you can rest assured that your data is always safe.

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